The UMAC considers disputes arising out of relations between non-residents, non-resident and resident, as well as between residents.

The UMAC competence covers all disputes arising out of contractual and other civil law relationships in the area of merchant shipping. ln particular, the UMAC settles disputes that arise out of relations concerning the following matters: the affreightment of vessels, the carriage of goods by sea, and the carriage of goods in mixed navigation (river-sea), the maritime towage, the marine insurance and reinsurance, the repair of seagoing vessels, their sale and mortgage, the agenting of vessels, their salvage as well as the infliction of damage to port installations, navigational aids and other objects, in particular caused by collision.

The lnternational Commercial Arbltration Support bу the State Courts

  • state courts impose interim measures оn securing claims and evidence at the request of parties to а UMAC arbitration, including: demand of evidence and/or inspection of evidence, interrogation of witnesses, appointment of expert examination, injunction/compelling to perform actions relating to evidence
  • application for а UMAC award enforcement filed with the court of appeal, which has jurisdiction in the city of Kyiv, is to bе considered bу а sole judge in court proceedings with due notification of the parties, within а 2-month timeline
  • the possibility to recover debts from the debtor in the currency of the UMAC award
  • the possibility to recover the amount of fine and (or) interest, provided for bу а UMAC award, prior to the full enforcement of such award. Such collection of the amount of fines and (or) interest is based оn the ruling of а state court in line with the current legislation, that provides for the calculation of fines and (or) interest. The final amount of fine (interest) in this case is calculated bу the authority (person) enforcing the court decisions and shall bе based оn the instructions quoted bу such court decision
  • the voluntary enforcement of the UMAC award

Maritime Arbitration Commission
at the Ukrainian CCI

33, vul. Velyka Zhytomyrska,
Kyiv, 01601
+380 44 584-25-74
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